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Don't fear greatness

Backyard Barbell is a hardcore powerlifting gym geared towards competitive powerlifters or anyone wanting to get into the sport of powerlifting. We have the best facility in the Bay Area with top notch equipment and atmosphere you need to thrive. 

If you are serious about getting strong, then look no further because we are the gym for you. 




$90-100 per session depending on the coach. Minimum 5 sessions per package. 


Personal training is for the very serious individual who is looking to achieve their goals fast and have a program completely tailored to what they need.  Personal training is the fastest and most effective option for people of all ages (old or young),  who are trying to lose weight, are interested in powerlifting, who want to become a better athlete,  or just to become a better you. 


Every session is one hour, you get complete one-on-one attention during your training, and by appointment only. 

Does not include Open Gym, nor required.

Open Gym membership

Backyard Barbell is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

No registration fees or contracts. Month to month.

Price-$100 per month

This option does not include personal training. training crew, or online coaching

Please make an appointment to get started.



Price: $20 per day

Sundays only from 11am-2pm

We are very excited to introduce the only strongman day available in San Jose!!! 

If you have watched World's strongest man and have been ever interested in trying out some of the moments they do, this is a wonderful opportunity to do so while being coached by a world class strongman. The workouts and exercises are great not only for getting stronger, but also hypertrophy, conditioning, and even fat loss. People of all skill levels are welcome to strongman Sundays! 

This option does not include open gym so if you would like access to the gym outside of of strongman Sundays then you will need one. Please contact to get started beforehand. 


9 session package $300

This is not your typical group training experience you get at the commercial gym!


With only 3 people allowed per session, you will get a ton of focus from your coach to ensure you are getting the attention you need to make progress and ensure proper technique. Programming is completely custom and tailored for each person in the group to their goals as well. Just like personal training! 

Upon sign up a complimentary one on one session is offered to go over the squat, bench, and deadlift before starting to make sure you feel ready to join the group sessions. This is the best bang for your buck in town and spots will fill up fast!

You can sign up individually. You do not need to sign up in a group. Spots are currently available!


Each session is one hour and by appointment only. 

Contact for availability and how to get started. 

Open gym not included, but required for this option. 



$50 per month for members

$100 per month for non members 


Here at Backyard Barbell we are all about results and nothing else. What gets people there is our custom and individualized workout plans. We put the care and detail needed to ensure you get the gainz that you are looking for. We do not give cookie cutter plans to anyone. All workouts are completely designed with the individuals needs. From schedule to past injuries to training experience, we account for it all to make sure we set you up to be the best you can be. 

Nutrition coaching

Price-$200 per month


We will work together to build the physique you want with comprehensive meal plans tailor made to your lifestyle. Whether you are looking to bulk up, lose weight, or maximize sports performance, we can help you achieve your goals and keep you accountable.

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