coaching & equipment


Chandler Parsons
Founder, Owner, and Head Coach

Starting powerlifting at the age of 13, Coach Chandler fell in love with the sport and used it as a way to increase sport performance in high school and college sports. After, he started Backyard Barbell.


The gym started in his Backyard with literally only two clients. Today, with over 15 years of Powerlifting experience, Coach Chandler has built up a resume of over 50 State, American, and World records broken by clients. 


In addition to training clients for the past decade to smashing records, he also holds records of his own, including the junior deadlift record in 2014 and the Open Drug free deadlift record in 2017. He holds natural elite totals in the 220lbs, 242lbs, and 275 lbs weight classes in Raw powerlifting, along with an elite total in the 242lbs weight class in classic raw. 


Brian Kemp

Powerlifting coach and personal trainer

Brian Kemp is a nationally qualified drug-free powerlifter who is currently competing in the United States Powerlifting Association (USPA). With concentration in human movement and rehabilitation, Brian is currently studying full time in the disciplines of kinesiology, athletic training, and physical therapy. Brian has worked as a certified personal trainer at multiple gyms - where he has helped his various clients lose body fat, gain muscle mass, or rehabilitate from their injuries and become better suited to complete daily physical tasks.


Diego Rivera 

Powerlifting coach and personal trainer

Diego is a NASM certified personal trainer, who currently minors in kinesiology. He was introduced to powerlifting by his desire to lose weight. ‘I weigh 240, I want to lose 60 lbs’. Throughout his weight loss journey he quickly realized he was bitten by the ‘Iron Bug’. Possessed by powerlifting, he embraces every aspect of it. Powerlifting became his pleasure, strength coaching his passion.  

Nicole Ushman


Nicole Ushman comes from an extensive sports and fitness background including competing in bodybuilding at the national level in figure.  She is a California state record holder in deadlift with a natural elite total. Discovering powerlifting was game changing for her physique and strength goals, and she is excited to share her passion and knowledge with clients. Nicole is a nutritionist and has helped members achieve a wide range of goals including weight loss, clean bulking, body recomposition, and overall health and wellness. She focuses on the individual’s lifestyle and habits, working to make life long changes. 

Backyard Barbell's competition kg plates

Our professional grade equipment includes:

  • Competition Combo racks

  • Power racks

  • Kabuki Powerlifting plates

  • Texas Squat, Deadlift, and Power bars

  • Safety squat bar, Duffalo bar, Swiss bar and other specialty bars

  • Belt squat Machine

  • Elitefts Monster hack squat

  • Reverse Hyper

  • Dip bars 

  • Chest supported Row

  • Bands, chains, and weight releasers

  • Flat and adjustable benches

  • Blocks for Block pulls and deficit deadlifts

  • Deadlift platform with band attachments

  • Dumbells 5-150lbs

  • 250lbs stack Lat pulldown with various attachments such as Fat Gripz, grenade handles, Different lat pulldown handles

  • And much much more!